Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm pretty much allowing this blog to die. I knew ahead of time it wouldn't get much attention, but it's still somewhat discouraging. Plus, the file hosting service that I use--the only service I've found that allows you to host midis and play them in the browser, as opposed to downloading--has the fucking annoying habit of deleting files after two months of no views, so my links are dying in large numbers. The lack of attention and the lack, as far as I can tell, of a single goddamn free file hosting site that does what I want are making this blog more trouble than it's worth. I'll post finished things in my deviantart gallery from time to time, but until then...whatever.

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Purdy said...

Ahh gutting. You know, and I should've said this earlier but forgot, I couldn't download or stream them in the browser.. shame.
May be 'Soundcloud' might be good for you? I'm not sure if they only allow dance music though.
I'm sure there are other places out there to host too. If you don't mind putting them up for people to use may be you could upload them to a 'free loops' site?\Just a thought matey.