Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Of all the songs and riffs that I've made, this is definitely the one that I play the most often. My friend taught me an Arabian-sounding scale which I liked to goof around with, and on one sunny afternoon this song was born of it. The "chorus" riff (roughly :45 to 1:10) was devised by another friend of mine, who gave me permission to integrate it into the parts of the song I'd already written.
When I'm actually playing this song on an instrument, I typically do a bit of soloing in the middle section, but since I improvise that it wasn't included in any of these versions.
I have more versions of this song than any other song. The first draft of the midi is pleasanter to listen two than the second, I think, and includes strings and percussion, but the second is closer to how I actually play this song. The remix is an enhanced midi by Steven Ambarian, and the recording is me on my electric uke, not keeping very good time.

Arabian first draft

Arabian midi second draft

Arabian remix

Arabian recording

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