Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Back to the guitar, here's kind of a creepy bit of song. I personally feel this is one of my most successful pieces of music, as well as one of the most creative in terms of the midi effects that I used.

Steven Ambarian made an enhanced remix of it for me. He was working on an earlier draft of the song, so his version doesn't include the last riff I put on the midi

Crypt midi

Crypt remix


Dan said...

Oh man! I also really like this one. It really does sound like theme music for a character. Do you have music to go with any of your specific illustrations?

Moai said...

Thanks, Dan! This seems to be the most popular one.
I actually don't have any music made specifically to go with any of my illustrations. I'm not a skillful enough composer to create a song with the correct mood to go along with something that already exists. I attempted to make a song for my Devil Sea illustration, but it's not done, and who knows if it'll sound right when it is done.