Monday, January 4, 2010


Hi. I'm Cory Trego-Erdner, often known on the internet as Moai. I'm a creative guy. Mostly, I draw and paint, and I'm just beginning a career in freelance illustration. I also write stories, often to go along with the pictures I create. But this blog is going to focus on another of my creative pursuits: music.

I've played the guitar and the ukulele for several years. In this blog you'll find all the riffs, song fragments, and the few complete songs that I have written for them. Most of these songs will be in midi form, created using the PowerTab program. Several will be midis translated into more sophisticated midi and synth sounds using the Garage Band program. Those were made by my good friend, the extremely talented Steven Ambarian. I'll post a link to his own music on the side of this blog somewhere. A couple of these songs will be actual recordings. Every song is an instrumental; there are no vocals.

My music is kind of an eclectic mixed bag, reflecting my varied musical interests. You'll find heavy metal and classic rock style riffage, acoustic fingerpicking, ukulele chordfests, faux exotic music, and faux video game background music. Many of these songs, particularly my early guitar songs, are beyond my own abilities, and exist solely as exercises in songwriting.

Since music is very subjective, my music probably won't interest a lot of people. Many will probably actively dislike it. I fully expect this blog to recieve almost no attention. That's okay. I like to share the stuff I create, so I'm putting it out here, just in case someone out there in cyberspace will be interested.

You'll often hear me say that I like a song that I made, or think it's successful. Please don't mistake comments like these for vanity.

So, that's about it for this introduction. I'll start posting music very soon.

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